How you can improve your self with positive thinking

Positive thinking 

1. Understand positive self and positive thinking
 * What do you think about positive thinking ? 
 Yes , someone think positive thinking is best part of ignore negativity or many person think positivity is the good medicine to improve our self .
I m sure about it mostly people show always positive front of others , we don't know , whats going on inside of this person so lets talk about positive thinking
 Positive thinking starts with positive self or self talk . You can transform your negative self into positive self . When this talk arises from misconceptions that you create because you lack information.
When someone says to you positive thinking . It doesn't mean that you should ignore the less pleasent situation in your life or daily life . When you think positively , you can approach an unpleasant situation in a productive and positive way . You begin to believe that the bets will happen to you and not the worst.
 Simply we can say that you think positive then you can do anything . If you think this is hard work I can't do it  - I can't do it ... You repeat this words inside mind then seriously you can't do that .  So be positive and finish negative

2.) How to focus on positive thinking
* You can turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts with ease . Its a simple process , but it takes time . You practice regularly then you can develop in regular life and we can say in second way you can improve your self . This section gives you some tips that you can use to start thinking positively .

 * Notice the areas to change 
     You can notice when you think positive or negative seriously i wanna say to all of you . You should the identify area in your life where you think always negatively .
 These area can be work , in relationship , in love life , in office or education life etc .
 You must start small and focus on that area . Try to approach any situation in that area positively before move on to another area .

3. How to practice positive thinking in everyday
  When you feel negatively in your life , you can't except to turn into optimist overnight . However , with practice your inner criticise will become more of a friend. You will accept your self for who you are  and take Your task up with renewed life . When state your mind is optimistic , you can handle all of thing in positive way . You can easily remove all stress and you can live happily , this is an ability that only those of think positively possess. 

4. Practice  positive self and self talk 
 You should follow a simple rule - never tell yourself something you will not say to another person . Always be gentle with your self and encourage your self to do better  and you can do better with good positive thinking . If you think negatively , evaluate the situation , and tell your self . What it good about you . Think about the things in your life thats good for you
Or not.

5 stay yourself with positive people

  You must ensure in your life who people think good about you . Who people support you .you can depend on them when you are under stress . These people should be willing to give you advice when needed and  give you constructive solutions and good feedback when necessary. Negative people increase your stress levels and make you doubtable .

 6 . Check your self 

  Always stop and evaluate your thoughts at some point during the day and think you were right on that time or not . If you find that you only have negative thoughts and identify the area & work on that , change your self negative thoughts convert into positive thoughts .

7. Be open to humor

You must laugh or smile when you are in difficult situation . Try to look for humor in every situation if you can laugh when you feel stress . You will feel better and take the world on with renewed energy

8.  Follow a healthy life style 
 Exercise atleast 30 mins in morning time . You can break the time up into ten minute intervels and exercise any time during the day . Exercise is an activity that has a positive affect on your mood and helps the reduce stress. Follow the healthy diet in a day . You can feel better and can stay healthy with positive thinking.
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