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What is the role of leadership in industries.


When we think about leadership then one word come inside the mind , leadership means politician . We can say as a politician but it doesn't mean
leadership as a politician .

" Leadership is the ability to persuade others to seek defined objectives enthusiastically . It is the human factor who binds a group together and motivates it towards goals. "

 So lets talk about this..
 Some other definitions are as follows :-

°  leadership is the ability of getting other people to follow you and to do willingly the things you want them to do.

° leadership is largely the art of getting things done through mobilizing people.

° The art of planning , leading and guiding the activities of a group of people to achieve a common goal is called leadership.

° leadership means to inspire confidence and trust so that there is maximum co- operation from the employees within the control of a manager .
We can say in other words leadership is the process of influencing ( dispose ) the activities of an individual or of a group for achievement of goal in given situation.

On the basis of above dedfinitions , the followings are the certain basic characteristic of leadership

1.) Leadership is basically a personal quality . This quality motivates the individual to follow leader.

2.)  Leader tries to influence the individuals to behave in a particular way .

3.) There is a relationship between leader and individuals which arises out of functioning for a common goal.

4.) Leadership is a continuous process of influencing behaviour .

5.) Leadership is exercised in a particular situation.


Leadership is an important part for marketing an organisation successful . Here , we are more concerned about manager as a leader . Without a good leader , an organsation can not function efficiently and effectively . Since the organisation is activities of its members need to be directed in a certain way . Any departure from this way will lead to inefficiency in the organisation . Direction of activities in the organisation is decided by a leader . Hence a good leader is essential fo the success of an organisation .

 Followings are the characteristic or qualities of a good leader : 

( 1.) Emotional stability : -  A leader should have high level of emotional stability . He should be free from bias ( partiality ) and anger and should be consistent in action . He should be well adjusted and should not have anti - social attitude . He should have confidence in his abilities and face the crisis boldly . He should not loose self control and temper in difficult situation or while dealing with difficult and different people.

( 2.) Human relations : - A good leader should have adequate knowledge of human relations and human psychology . Since an important part of a leader's job is to develop people and their voluntary co-operation for achieving work , he should have adequate knowledge of people and their relationship with others . The knowledge of how human beings behave to how they react to various situations is quite meaningful to a leader . His attitude should be sympathetic and helpful in dealing with the problems of his subordinates.

( 3 .)  Motivating skills :- Not only  a leader should be self - motivated, but he should also have requisite quality to motivate his followers . Though there are many external forces which motivate a person for higher performance , yet there is an inner drive in people also for motivation to work . The leader can play active role in stimulating the inner drives of his followers . A good leader should have the ability to motivate his subordinates.

( 4. ) Technical skills :-  The leading of people requires adherence to definite principles which must be understood and followed for greater success . The ability to plan , organise , delegate , analyse , seek advice , make decisions , control and win co - operation requires the use of important abilities which constitute technical competence of leadership . The various technical competencies of leader may win support from the followers.

( 5. ) Social skills :-  A successful leader should have social skills . He understands people and knows their strengths and weaknesses . He has the ability to work with people and conduct himself so that he could gain their confidence and loyalty .

( 6. ) Intelligence :-  Higher is the intelligence level of a leader , better is his understanding of his subordinates. He understands the working of the organisation in a better way . Such a leader commands more respect and exercises more effective control over his subordinates .

( 7 .) Good public relations :-  A good leader is always careful to see that all his actions are not only good , but appears to be good also.

( 8 . ) Vision :-  A Good leader possess foresight , sees new trends and opportunities and anticipates future organisation.

( 9 .) Good administrative skill :- A good leader should be bold enough to take initiative for various activities and should have strong determination to achieve his objectives .

( 10.) Faith :-  Mutual faith is an essential factor for understanding and efficient working of a group . When faith is there . The subordinates will have no hesitation in discharging the assigned duties.

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