Meaning of Entrepreneur & what is an Entrepreneur ?

  What is an entrepreneur ? & Meaning of entrepreneur ?

 [  Can you be an entrepreneur ? Are you thinking about an entrepreneur ? ]


 So lets start talk about this topic. Some people think that entrepreneur are born and cannot be made. In other words,  we can say simply business family background is essential to become a successful entrepreneur.
 Other people think that entrepreneur are made not born .
According to them , person with proper knowledge and skills important for good entrepreneur. It can only gain through education and experience can become successful entrepreneurs.
Some controversy on what makes successful entrepreneur, many research studies have been conducted by different agencies and researcher research on this topic.

  •   On the basis of different studies the following common point have emerged which are important for a successful entrepreneur :- 
1 . Initiator :- As per the demand of the situation , the entrepreneur takes initiative to start a new enterprise.


 2 . Opportunity seeker :- The entrepreneur , like a watch log , always remains in search of right business opportunities to convert them into projects and profits.

3 . Calculated risk taker :- An entrepreneur is usually a calculated risk taker . He enjoys the excitement of challenges but do not gamble , don't take risk if you not afford . As we know some entrepreneur avoids low risk situation because there is a lack of challenges in it. He also avoids high risk situation , because he wants to succeed but i think we should not take high risk , yes we can avoid low risk . Entrepreneur likes achievable challenges and we can say calculated risk taker.
Calculated risk taker

4. Proper planner :- An entrepreneur frames realistic business plans . We want to be a good entrepreneur then gain all knowledge about your field and focus on your goal and make perfect plans.

5. Self confident :- An entrepreneur is a strong believer in his strengths and weakness. If you are energetic, hardworking , resourceful , very alert to new opportunities and able enough to adapt to changing conditions..

6 . Committed to work :- An entrepreneur accords the utmost priority to accomplish the work . When we more spend the time with work after some time we get the results.
Committed to work

7. Efficient financial Manager :- An entrepreneur has the ability to utilise the finances at his command in the best possible manner for achieving his ultimate business objectives.
They also interested in expanding the scale of his operation by way of ploughing back his profits and earnings.

8. Good leadership :- An entrepreneur should be a leader in the true sense .they should have all the qualities of a good leader having confidence, courage , balanced mind in adverse situation , always aiming to achieve high goal .
Good leadership

9. Good human relations  :- This is the most important thing and quality one should possess to become a successful entrepreneur . He should understand the problems and difficulties of the workers and staff working in his enterprise. He should take proper action to improve the welfare of the empl6 so that they have a feeling of belongingness.

Good human relationship

10. Courageous :- An entrepreneur must have the courage to face the problems in all situations. He must have confidence and faith in himself. He should be prepared to bear the risk and uncertainties in his enterprise.

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