How to create account on pinterest and sign up


     How to create pinterest account and sign up on

  • You want to create pinterest account purpose for business and promote your blog , that's for You have to go on Pinterest official site and you can download app from Google play store .
  • As soon as you reach on Pinterest , You will get three choice to sign up .

 As You can see You have three choice to sign up 
  1. You can sign up with your Facebook account.
  2. You can sign up with your Twitter account.
  3. You can sign up with your google account .
Sign up for Pinterest

  • It is depend on you which on would you like to choose option , if you go with google account , you can fill your email - I'd and password  then you have to go in your email box and look for the confirmation message that Pinterest will have sent you . it just a confirmation link . Pinterest only check You. you filled your email I'd or not. then you must click on link to go Pinterest .com and finish signing up.
Sign up for Pinterest with Facebook or Twitter account
  • You don't want to sign up with google , you can provide Facebook or Twitter account on Pinterest . You can use one account as your Pinterest login. Some advantage to sign up with your Twitter or Facebook account . Pinterest will be able to help you connect with your Facebook friends and Twitter friends. If you any photo post on Pinterest You can easily share on facbook and Twitter account.
  • Its a good idea to create a new Pinterest login with id and password . If you just want to check out Pinterest for a while before connection with one or more your other social networks specially . One point is different on Pinterest  you may want to connect with entirely different people.
Pinterest for business & Pinterest for bloggers

  • Many companies & blogger use pinterest it is image sharing site . You can sign up for a special free business account that confers a few advantages , such as the use of button and widgets . You can share image regarding business or blog .you get more follower from different countries . Its such good advantage for bloggers & companies.
Statistics for Pinterest

  • Pinterest is traffice growth site a lot of people do indeed like it . According to alexa measurement firm rank of Pinterest 74 globally and No. 53 in the india for total web traffic in 2019.Day by day increase rank of Pinterest.
Browsing Pinterest image boards
  • Anyone can browse on Pinterest , its image collection site but only people who become members of Pinterest . Establish a Pinterest username , and register for a free Pinterest account can post a image and comment on picture and we can make backlink on Pinterest . We can grow your website or blog with backlink. 
  • Even without a membership of course , you can still browse Pinterest image board and explore any Pinterest board by topic or related from your business.
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