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        How to use twitter search
  1. Search from the Twitter search bar
  • When you are logged in to twitter .com & Twitter app . It allows you to tailor search results to specific date ranges , people and more.
2. Enter You search bar and search on twitter

  • Enter Your search query into the search box at the bottom of the page.
  • Click the search bar option to searching.
  • When you click search box then you will get some option for you , News , sports , fun , entertainment .
  • You can search regarding your topic news , sports , fun , entertainment.

  • Filter your results by clicking top , latest , people , photos or videos .

  • Click the search filter option to filter your results from anyone or people you follow and anywhere or near you.
  • You also have the option to disable the quality filter . Which elevates higher quality content in your search results.
Some advance option for you regarding search
  • Click the overflow icon :• on the right hand side of the search results page for more options.
  • When you click on this icon you will get three option.
  • Click on search setting to disable safe search to filter your search results .
  • Safe search setting include hide sensitive content and remove blocked and mute accounts.

  • When you click search setting you will get two option 1. Hide sensitive content and remove blocked and muted accounts.
  • Click and save this search to save your search term.
  • Click embed this search to create a search widget for a website find more information in our.

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