world first 5G factory established in Qingdao

Ceremony attended time photo
Huawei and haier launched world first fastest 5 Factory

5G Network
Haier and Huawei together launched the world first fastest 5G Network. 5G interconnected factory established in Qingdao.

5G Network
shandong helped Huawei to establish 5G base station. Haier interconnected factory established in Zhongde industrial park. this factory established on 13th June 2019. this interconnected factory officially release. this factory will provide 5G technologies facility in future. this factory really good example for others companies. haier and Huawei interconnected factory transformed  4th into 5th generation. this is really extra ordinary step for future.
5g network is a solid digital network  and this interconnected factory provide a reliable and strong network environment. we will meet with new generation and fastest technologies.this factory manufacture 5G+ machine 5G intelligent device. we will collborate with 5G. this intelligent manufacture system is full aware and advance . it can make decisions by it self.
in the launched  ceremony attended interconnected factory include Zhang Weijie , the Executive Director of  Industrial Intelligence, Wang Xiang Jun, General Manager of Haier Special Refrigeration Appliance  Ltd, Shang Yanming, Deputy General Manager of Qingdao Branch of China Mobile, and Dr. Weilan Huang, Senior Director of 5G Industry Development Strategy from Huawei Cloud Core Network.
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