How to make logo in picsart


  • You want to create logo for you blog & website , so you can easily make logo in picsart. Follow some step and you can  make logo own your blog & website.
  • You enter in picsart , you will see pink plus sign at the bottom of screen .
  • Tap the pink plus sign.
Pink plus sign
  • You will get background color , you can choose any colour according to you .
  • You will enter at the frame of picsart.
  • Menu bar present at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap the text " bar ".
  • Type the text according your website name.
  • You can select the colour from colour box & give the shadow.
  • If you want to add image click the top of the bar plus sign and add sticker and image .
  • You can use cutout for the remove unwanted thing.
  • Tap the right bar at the top of bar
  • Save the logo.
  1. You can choose any color from color background.

2. This menu bar of picsart , you can give shape , size , color , shodow etc from here.

3. You can change your font from font bar. of the bar plus sign tap this sign , you will get these options.

Some logo I created from PicsArt

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