How Many Types of assistance available to entrepreneur from Agencies ?

Types Of assistance Available To Entrepreneur From Different Agencies - Entrepreneur

For Developing entrepreneur & entrepreneur-ship  so many Different agencies provide various Types of Assistance that can be studied under the following categories , Assistance of agencies helps  Entrepreneur regarding to business guidelines.

  1. Industrial sheds :- in every state , the directorate of industries has established industrial estate where industrial sheds are provided to entrepreneurs at subsidised rates .
  2. Subsidised power supply :- power is the lifeline of an industry Therefore, preference is given to small scale industry in providing power connection . In every state , certain small scale units are provided power at subsidised rates.
  3. Registration with safe directorate of industries :- In order to make the existence of a unit known to different agencies , the prospective entrepreneurs are supposed to register with the directorate of industries of the concerned state.only after this registration , an Enterprise is eligible to procure different types of assistance including the financial assistance from department of industries , state financial corporation , various commercial banks , machinery on hire purchase basis from NSIC and other assistance to procure controlled and imported raw materials , electric power connections etc.
  4. Financial Assistance :- The state government grant liberally industrial loans on long term basis at concessional  rates of interest to the entrepreneur for acquiring fixed assets like land , building and machinery.
  •  Different banks provide short term loans to meet the  working capital requirements of the entrepreneur.
  •   Machinery on installments :- for providing                      indigenous and imported machines to the                        entrepreneur on hire - purchase basis , national              small industries corporation is operating which has      attractive terms of payment at low rates of interest.
  • Availability of raw materials :- in order to ensure fair and equitable supply of indigenous raw material often running in short supply , the central government allocates the quota to the state directorate of industries for distributing the same to the small scale industrial units.
  • Marketing Assistance :-  marketing is the greatest problem facing the entrepreneur to flourish his industry. Small scale industries development organisation helps him to great extent by conduction marketing his products at reasonable rates. Another major marketing assistance to the entrepreneurs is provided by helping him to participate in central or state government stores purchase programme .
  • Miscellaneous Assistance :- in addition to the above , the following facilities are also provided to develop small scale industries :
  1. Exemption in octroi duties.
  2. Various tax reliefs ( sale tax , income tax )
  3. Subsidy in interest rates.
  4. Distribution of raw materials at subsidised rates.
  5. Providing free technical know - how .
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